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- welcome to anotherplanet.fm ambient radio -

ambient radio inspired by the love to music not by moneymaking. dedicated to ambient, dark ambient, psychedelic and new age.

.my radio recently moved (still on the move tbh) to new hosting and redesigned so i expect some bugs

.if you catch one pls contact me info@anotherplanet.fm

.28.04.2013 transfer process finished. my radio is now more powerful than ever before;) 

.04.12.2013 vps memory upgrade finished.

.31.12.2013 Happy New Year Everybody ! Check out top tracks of 2013 !!

.04.01.2015 Website has been moved to faster hosting. Happy New Year All !

.24.01.2015 R.I.P Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream... ;(

Recently added music

.01 june update

.added Burzum The Ways of Yore release of 2014

.07 november update (hail to the heroes of the revolution)

.added Fenris'es Neptune Towers stuff !

.drone 06 july

Artist/Album: Hanetration/Tenth Oar

Genre: Drone

RELEASE DATE: 06 January 2012


.dark industrial ambient June 23

Artist/Album: Forgotten Backyard/Shattered Plastic Angels

Genre: Dark Industrial Ambient - Spoken Words

RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2012

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